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Release Date: 4 December 2011
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Black Mirror Season 1 All Episodes Free Download Set in a world only minutes from our own, “Black Mirror” unveils how modern technologies can backfire and be used against their makers, every episode set in a slightly different reality with different characters combating different types of technologies. Season 2 720p HD Download.

Season 3 Episodes Of Black Mirror 1080p Download is a British science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, with Brooker and Annabel Jones serving as the programme showrunners. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. Episodes are standalone, usually set in an alternative present or the near future, often with a dark and satirical tone, though some are more experimental and lighter.

The show premiered for two series on the British television channel Channel 4 on December 2011 and February 2013, respectively. After its addition to the catalogue in December 2014, Netflix purchased the programme in September 2015. It commissioned a series of 12 episodes later divided into the third and fourth series, each six episodes; the former was released on 21 October 2016 and the latter on 29 December 2017. A fifth series was announced on 5 March 2018.

Black Mirror was inspired by older anthology shows like The Twilight Zone, which were able to deal with controversial, contemporary topics without fear of censorship. Brooker developed Black Mirror to highlight topics related to humanity’s dependency on technology, creating stories that feature “the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes’ time if we’re clumsy.”

The series has received positive reviews and seen an increase in interest internationally, particularly in the United States after its addition to Netflix. In 2017, the well-received episode “San Junipero”, from series three, earned Black Mirror its first Primetime Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special for Brooker. The fourth series earned eight nominations at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Television Movie, Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special, and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for Jesse Plemons in the episode “USS Callister”, and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Letitia Wright in the episode “Black Museum”.

Series one and two

The first two series of the programme were produced by Brooker’s production company Zeppotron, for Endemol. An Endemol press release described the series as “a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world”, with the stories having a “techno-paranoia” feel. Channel 4 described the first episode, “The National Anthem”, as “a twisted parable for the Twitter age”. Black Mirror series 1 had a limited DVD release for PAL / Region 2 on 27 February 2012.

Series three

In September 2015, Netflix commissioned 12 episodes of Black Mirror.[18] In March 2016, it outbid Channel 4 for the rights to distributing the third series, with a bid of US$40 million. Endemol released a statement saying that Channel 4 “had the opportunity to recommission [Black Mirror] since 2013 and passed on this and subsequent co-production offers put to them. […] Further efforts were made to try to reach a settlement regarding a U.K. window for Channel 4, but these were also sadly to no avail”. In a press release, Channel 4 say that they “offered to recommission Black Mirror”. This marked the first time that an online streaming service had gained the rights to a show where the original network had wished to renew it. The titles of the six episodes that make up series 3 were announced in July 2016, along with the release date.

Series four

According to Brooker, the fourth series has even more variety in the episodes than in previous series. Brooker says that there is “some more hope” in the series, crediting this to the fact that writing began in July 2016 and continued throughout the 2016 U.S. election, and “I genuinely thought, I don’t know what state the world’s going to be in by the time these [episodes] appear, and I don’t know how much appetite there will be for nothing but bleak nihilism.” The series features an episode story conceived by Penn Jillette. Jodie Foster directed the episode “Arkangel”, starring Rosemarie DeWitt one episode was filmed in Iceland (“Crocodile”) and another is overtly comedic in tone (“USS Callister”). Jesse Plemons, Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, Michaela Coel, Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Gower, Georgina Campbell, Joe Cole, George Blagden, Maxine Peake, Douglas Hodge, and Letitia Wright appear in the fourth series. In addition to Foster, the episodes were directed by Toby Haynes, John Hillcoat, Tim Van Patten, David Slade, and Colm McCarthy.

Black Mirror Season 1 Episodes List

Black Mirror Season 1 Episodes List

The National Anthem S1, EP1
Prime Minister Michael Callow faces a shocking dilemma when Princess Susannah, a much-loved member of the Royal Family, is kidnapped.

Fifteen Million Merits S1, Ep2
In a world where people’s lives consist of riding exercise bikes to gain credits, Bing tries to help a woman get on to a singing competition show.

The Entire History of You S1, Ep3
In the near future, everyone has access to a memory implant that records everything they do, see and hear – a sort of Sky Plus (Digital Video Recorder) for the brain. You need never forget a face again – but is that always a good thing?

Black Mirror Season 2 Episodes List

Black Mirror Season 2 Episodes List

Right Back S2, Ep1
After learning about a new service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased, a lonely, grieving Martha reconnects with her late lover.

White Bear S2, Ep2
Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life. Everyone she encounters refuses to communicate with her, and they all seem to know something she doesn’t. But what?

The Waldo Moment S2, Ep3
A failed comedian who voices a popular cartoon bear named Waldo finds himself mixing in politics when TV executives want Waldo to run for office.

White Christmas S2, Ep4
Three interconnected tales of technology run amok during the Christmas season are told by two men at a remote outpost in a frozen wilderness.

Black Mirror Season 3 Episodes List

Black Mirror Season 3 Episodes List

Nosedive S3, Ep1
A woman desperate to boost her social media score hits the jackpot when she’s invited to a swanky wedding, but the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Playtest S3, Ep2
An American traveler short on cash signs up to test a revolutionary new gaming system, but soon can’t tell where the hot game ends and reality begins.

Shut Up and Dance S3, Ep3
When withdrawn Kenny stumbles headlong into an online trap, he is quickly forced into an uneasy alliance with shifty Hector, both at the mercy of persons unknown.

San Junipero S3, Ep4
In a seaside town in 1987, a shy young woman and an outgoing party girl strike up a powerful bond that seems to defy the laws of space and time.

Men Against Fire S3, Ep5
Future soldiers Stripe and Raiman must protect frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious feral mutants.

Hated in the Nation S3, Ep6
In near-future London, police detective Karin Parke, and her tech-savvy sidekick Blue, investigate a string of mysterious deaths with a sinister link to social media.

Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes List

Black Mirror Season 4 Episodes List

Callister S4, Ep1
A woman wakes up on a Star Trek-esque ship where the crew praise their all knowing and fearless captain.

Arkangel S4, Ep2
After nearly losing her daughter, a mother invests in a new technology that allows her to keep track of her.

Crocodile S4, Ep3
A woman interviews various people using a device that allows her to access their memories.

Hang the DJ S4, Ep4
Paired up by a dating program that puts an expiration date on all relationships, Frank and Amy soon begin to question the system’s logic.

Metalhead S4, Ep5
In the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Scottish Moors, a woman attempts to survive the land full of “dogs”.

Black Museum S4, Ep6
A woman enters the Black Museum, where the proprietor tells his stories relating to the artefacts.

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